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Before you get any glasses or contacts to correct your vision, you will need to see a local eye doctor Queens. Once your correct prescription and your corrective lenses are obtained, you will be able to see correctly.

Eye Exams

The local eye doctor Queens at the Optical Warehouse Outlet can provide you with many types of eye exams. The doctor will likely need to take more than one exam to ensure that your eyes are healthy and that there are no problems. Another eye test will have you looking through various lenses to determine what strength lenses you need for correct vision.

Basic tests that may be given will include one that will test your vision at several distances. This is done by looking at a chart on the wall. Another test will check your pupil’s reaction to light, and other ones may test your eyes for various functional aspects such as eye pressure, movement, and cataracts.

More Comprehensive Tests

When the eye doctor suspects that there may be some eye problems that require further testing, more tests will be given to determine the nature of the problem. These may include tests for the following eye diseases:

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

This problem is the result of diabetes I or II. It is the main cause of blindness in the United States and it is caused by blocked blood vessels. There is no cure for it but taking care of your health will help prevent it.

  • Glaucoma 

Just like diabetic retinopathy, untreated glaucoma can result in blindness. It is caused by the deterioration of the optic nerve from pressure in the eye causing the development of blind spots.

  • Dry Eye

Problems with dry eyes are the result of a reduction in the amount of tears or the quality of the tear fluid. Several problems can cause this to happen, but when it does, it can lead to vision problems and possibly vision loss.

  • Macular Degeneration

This is the most common eye disease. It occurs primarily in people over 50 that have problems with hypertension and high cholesterol. It also leads to vision problems – including vision loss if not treated.

The eye doctor at the Optical Warehouse Outlet can help you to get the correct lenses. You will need a vision test if you have not had one for some time. This is because your vision changes over time. The eye doctor will also want to check your eyes to ensure that there are not any eye problems starting to develop – ones that you may not even be aware of.

Eye Treatment

If any eye problems are discovered, the doctors at the store are qualified and licensed to treat them. This means your whole family can get all their eye care they need in one place.

After your eye exam, you can choose from a wide variety of glasses frames or contact lenses. There are many types to choose from – including famous designer brands.

The Optical Warehouse Outlet has a local eye doctor Queens that can provide vision testing and treatment when that is needed. Our wide selection of glasses and contacts contains the latest styles for the entire family. Our prices are also among the lowest you will find anywhere.


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