Optical Warehouse Outlet


When you or someone in your family needs new eyeglasses, you want to be sure that all the services and styles you need are available, including the latest designer glasses. Getting the right pair of eye glasses also requires that you get an eye test from a doctor that uses the latest equipment.

The Optical Warehouse Outlet in Brooklyn is just the place you need for these services and more. We have a very wide selection of eyeglasses that are sure to fit everyone in your family and in styles they will love. We have glasses for every need and purpose, including frames that are sporty, business wear, classic, retro-vintage, and more. Our large selection enables us to provide you with wholesale and discounted prices. 


Before getting a new pair of glasses, you will need to have your eyes tested. This ensures that you get the exact lens strength and type for your eyes. We offer many eye tests to be able to diagnose your vision needs. We also offer DMV eye testing. 

Your health will determine what kind of eye tests you may need. If you have diabetes, for instance, eye tests are needed more frequently to be able to detect problems and treat them quickly. If you have specific eye diseases, our tests will be able to diagnose them. We can also provide ongoing therapy for all eye problems.

Making the Lenses

After you have had an eye test to determine the prescription strength needed for your eyes, you can choose your eye glasses frames from thousands of them in our collection. We make all the lenses for the glasses we offer within 24 hours. We also make bifocal and progressive lenses – which provide you with three different focal points in a seamless lens.

Brand Names

If you are looking for brand names in glasses frames, you will be able to find plenty of them at the Optical Warehouse Outlet. We carry popular names such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Anne Klein, Michael Kors, Prada, Guess, Versace, Gucci, Burberry, Lacoste, Valentino, and many more. 


Our glasses collection lets you choose from a massive variety. We have many different colors, styles, and sizes for men, women, and children. We also have frames made of plastic, acetate, metal, wood, and titanium, and our expert staff will help you get the right size and style for your face. 


When you need special options with your glasses, the Optical Warehouse Outlet can add them. A favorite option is our transition lenses. These lenses turn dark when exposed to sunlight. You can choose how much of a tint they will have. We also have several special coatings that can be added to help protect your eyes and glasses. 

Look for Our Special Sales

Because we are a warehouse and have a vast selection of frames and styles, we are able to offer the lowest prices around. We are also glad to guarantee all of our services and glasses.

When you or a family member needs the next pair of eye glasses, be sure to check out our vast selection and services. Our friendly staff can help you find just what you need. In addition to English, they can also speak Spanish, Russian, and Polish.