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Emergencies can happen at any time and they can involve one or both eyes. Besides being painful, medical care from an emergency eye doctor near me 11385 is needed quickly in many cases to save the vision. If you live in or near Ridgewood, NY, you can get emergency eye care at the Optical Warehouse Outlet.

Get Immediate Attention

After an eye injury, it is important that you see an eye doctor as quickly as possible. Do not rub the eye or try to remove any object that may be embedded in the eye. Over-the-counter medication may be used to help relieve any pain. Do not apply pressure to the eye. If the eye has been exposed to chemicals, wash out the eye right away and flush for 15 to 20 minutes.

In other situations, if there is any bleeding, bruising, or change in your vision, see a doctor immediately.


Many types of emergencies can affect the eyes. Each of them requires a medical expert for diagnosis and treatment. The Optical Warehouse Outlet has a medical doctor that is a specialist in regular and emergency eye care. We also have the latest treatment equipment – enabling you to get the best treatment for your eye emergency.

An Optometrist

The doctor at the Optical Warehouse Outlet – Dr. DeBenedetto – is a licensed optometrist. This means that she is fully trained and qualified to provide eye exams, diagnose eye diseases and treat them, and provide medical and surgical care when needed on the eyes. Optometrists are the main individuals that provide primary care for the eyes.

Emergency eye care can be given to people of any age – including children. All treatments needed for eye emergencies can be performed at the office by the emergency eye doctor near me 11385, which is located in the store.

Eye Diseases

If you have problems with your vision, you can also receive a diagnosis. The office is equipped with the latest high-tech devices to provide you with the best diagnosis possible.

When providing a regular eye exam to determine your vision and the lenses needed to correct it, more eye exams may be given if an eye disease or eye problem is suspected. You can be tested for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more.

If you have certain health problems, they can make you more susceptible to developing eye diseases or other problems. Although other doctors will be needed to treat those illnesses, you will get help diagnosing eye problems and get help managing them at our office.

Get Regular Eye Exams

When it comes to eye diseases, getting regular eye exams can help spot them early. Although some of them are treatable, letting an eye doctor detect and start treatment early may help to prevent blindness.

The Optical Warehouse Outlet has an emergency eye doctor near me 11385 that can treat your eye emergencies. You can also receive regular eye care for the whole family and get glasses, contacts, and sunglasses of every kind – including designer brands. Appointments can be made online and we have special pricing on many kinds of eyewear.

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