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As the summer season approaches, you are likely to be outside more. This means that your eyes are going to be exposed to more glare and bright sunlight. Sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays, and they will enable you to see clearer and drive safely. You can find the sunglasses you need at a eye doctor near 11385.

Eye Protection

Your eyes need to be protected from the bright sunlight and UV rays. Light and UV rays from the sun can damage your eyes, possibly leading to cataracts. Sunglasses can also protect you from blue light, which may make it more likely that you could develop macular degeneration.

You do not need to be blinded in bright sunlight. Lenses that are polarized can filter out excess light, enabling you to see clearly – even into water. They make it so that you no longer need to squint to see. Some people can get headaches from being in the bright sun – especially when there is fresh snow on the ground. Sunglasses can also prevent that problem.

Be a Trendsetter

Sunglasses will also help you look cool. Many movie stars and other celebrities wear sunglasses and you know that they look really cool while wearing them. In fact, it may even be a pair of sunglasses that you remember them for. Now it’s your turn.

You can get that same pair of sunglasses and look great, too. One nice feature about sunglasses is that they can look great and it will not matter what you are wearing. They will go well with anything.

Sunglasses Options

When you want a pair of sunglasses, there are several options that you have from our eye doctor near 11385. You can choose from:

  • Just Sunglasses

When you want just sunglasses that is what you get. These are just sunglasses. At the Optical Warehouse Outlet, there are many styles to choose from. You can select from our large selection of sunglasses, which also includes all of the popular designer styles for men, women, and children. We carry styles such as Ray-Ban, Persol, Oakley, Prada, Maui Jim, Gucci, and many more.

  • Prescription Sunglasses

If you wear glasses and do not want to take them off to put on sunglasses, you can get prescription sunglasses. Prescription lenses are made to match your eye prescription, and they will turn dark to block UV light when they are in direct sunlight. These lenses can be made to go as dark as you wish when they transition.

  • Contact Sunglasses

New technology now enables contacts to also have the transition feature. They are clear when inside a building, but will turn darker to block UV rays when you are in the bright sun.

The Optical Warehouse Outlet is located in Ridgewood, NY. We can perform comprehensive eye exams, medical eye exams, and help you get the lens prescriptions you need to see clearly.  Eye doctor near 11385 will help protect your eyes and sunglasses when there is a problem. Contact the store at 718-386-2423 to learn more about our sunglasses and services.


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