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Making a switch from regular glasses to contacts has several steps involved, even though both will help you see more clearly. Getting a pair of contacts is not nearly as simple as getting glasses – even if you have a recent prescription for glasses. In addition to an eye test for contacts, you will also need a contact lens fitting.  

Eye Testing

Contact lenses are not the same thing as eyeglasses. The testing that is needed for contacts is going to be different than you would need for traditional glasses. You are also going to need more tests than you would get for glasses. Before getting contact lenses, the eye doctor needs to make sure that your eyes are adequately healthy to wear them. 

It is also a good idea to have a general eye exam and your exams for contact lenses performed by the same doctor. If you go to different doctors, you may be required to have some of the same tests conducted by both doctors. You can save money by having all eye tests conducted at the Optical Warehouse Outlet store.

The Prescription

In order to get a prescription for contact lenses, you will need a separate test. It will also need to have been taken within the past year. Once you get the prescription, it will be made for a particular brand of contact lenses. The prescriptions are not changeable between brands, so if you change brands you will likely need a new eye test and contact lens fitting. It is best to get a prescription for a brand that is nationally known so that you can get new ones from anywhere.

The size and type of your eye will also need to be measured. This will require more tests, including measuring the curvature of your cornea, the size of your pupil, and an evaluation of your tear film. This ensures that you have enough moisture to prevent your eyes from drying out. 

Types of Contacts

Contacts come with different options. You can choose from contacts that can be worn daily (disposable), weekly, biweekly or even monthly. You can also choose soft lenses or lenses that are rigid but that will allow gas to penetrate them (gas-permeable). 

Contact Lens Options

Although contact lenses do not come with frames, you can still get some options with it. If you want, you can change the color of your eyes to be green, blue, brown, gray, violet, and amethyst. While this type of contact lens is often opaque, you can also get a contact lens that is translucent which will enhance the color of your eyes. Contact lenses of this type can be obtained without any prescription strength lens. 

Contacts that turn dark in direct sunlight are also available. Another option is to get contact lenses with bifocal or multifocal lens. 

When you are ready to look into contact lenses, or you need a new set, you can get a contact lens fitting at the Optical Warehouse Outlet. Our friendly doctors and staff will be glad to help you and answer all your questions about contact lenses. One more advantage you are sure to love from our store – we offer wholesale prices and fast service.