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When you suspect that your eyes have changed and you need your eyes checked for new glasses, the Optical Warehouse Outlet NY center has the eye exam clinic you need. The clinic will provide eye tests for people of all ages. 

Eye Tests

There are several types of eye tests you can get, but most people only need a few of them. This is called vision screening. These tests will check your ability to see at a distance with an eye chart. This is the standard test where you read the letters on a sign on a wall. You may also cover one eye at a time to discover the approximate strength of each eye. It will reveal whether or not your eyes have 20/20 or not.

Another test uses various lenses. You again read letters and numbers through the lenses to determine the prescription strength you need.  

Other things that may be checked may include:

  • Pupil Reaction – shines a light in your eyes to determine pupil response to bright light
  • Peripheral Vision – ability to see to the side while looking straight forward
  • Eye Movement – the ability of both eyes to successfully follow a moving object
  • Eye Pressure – measures the pressure in your eye to detect glaucoma
  • Damage to the Eye – uses a slit-lamp microscope to see damage to your iris, cornea, eyelids, and lens.

Eye Dilation

The eye doctor at the eye exam clinic may also want to dilate your eyes. In this test, the eye doctor applies some eye drops to your eyes to open the pupils. This is only conducted on occasion. It enables the doctor to look more carefully at your retina and optic nerve to check for damage – which may occur because of eye disease. 

Other Tests

These tests are basic. Other tests may also be conducted. They will depend on your age and may be based on what the eye doctor finds in the other tests. Tests may also be given for:

  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Dry eye

When you are looking for high-quality eye exams, as well as ones that are thorough, the Optical Warehouse Outlet NY centers have them. Their high-tech equipment enables them to provide the best tests for eye problems. Because the clinic has a unique combination of having an ophthalmologist, an optometrist, and an optician in the same place, we are able to provide all the testing and correcting (including surgery) of the eye that you might need. 

Each of our specialist doctors are highly trained and experienced in special forms of eye care. This enables our team to provide help to people at all levels. They also speak several languages. 

In addition to the eye exam clinic, the Optical Warehouse Outlet NY centers in New York City also have everything you need in the way of eyewear. This includes many designer frames and lenses, sunglasses, contacts, and more. Eyewear is also available for children. Call today about any questions and to set up an appointment.