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Emergencies can take place at any time. Of course, no one plans on having them, but you should know where to go if you are ever in need of emergency eye care. This could make the difference needed to save your vision or the vision of a child or a loved one. The Optical Warehouse Outlet in Ridgewood, NY, has a specialist that can treat patients with an eye emergency. 

Specialized Training

An optometrist is trained to know all about the human eye and its many problems. They also know what is needed to treat the eye in an emergency. In fact, they are the eye experts you need to see during that kind of crisis. 

An optometrist can provide every kind of service that your eyes could ever need. This makes them the best choice when you or a loved one needs emergency eye care. In addition to conducting eye exams, which they are most known for and writing prescriptions for eyeglasses or contacts, they can perform such services as diagnosing and treating eye diseases, prescribing medications, and treating eye emergencies. 

Many Eye Problems

The human eye can experience many different medical problems or diseases. They range from the more mild problems such as allergies to common problems such as pink eye or watery eyes. In addition to an injury to the eye, which needs immediate attention, other more serious kinds of problems include changes in your vision. These changes, which could include blurred vision, floaters, spots, double vision, etc., may indicate the presence of various eye diseases. 


There is a large range of eye problems that need a diagnosis and fast eye care. Problems may include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, presbyopia, and retinal detachment. In some cases, changes in your vision may be caused by medications or other health problems. 

It is also possible that a poor diet could result in vision problems. A healthy diet consisting of the right amount and kind of nutrients is essential to the health of the eye. A diet with a lot of fats and processed foods may help promote age-related macular degeneration, but a healthy diet could lower your risk. 

Healthy Eyes

When vision problems or eye diseases are detected early, a better outcome can usually be expected. Early treatment can often reduce the severity of the problem and may even be able to eliminate it. Older people will also have some eye problems, but many of them can be treated and vision restored. 

Injuries to the eye need to be diagnosed right away to prevent complications that may reduce vision or even destroy it. Eye injuries, infections of the eye, and eye pain need to be seen immediately so that the right kind of treatment can be given. This will help protect the vision. 

When you need emergency eye care, you can get the emergency treatment you need from the optometrist at the Optical Warehouse Outlet in Ridgewood, NY. Our store provides complete eye care, along with unbeatable prices on frames, sunglasses, and contacts for everyone in the family. If you do not speak English, we also speak Spanish, Russian, and Polish.