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Your eyes can change over time or may even develop problems that need to be looked at by a doctor. When this happens, you can often get a diagnosis from your local optometrist Ridgewood Queens. They are trained to diagnose many eye problems and can help to correct them, too. 

About the Optometrist

An optometrist has received a doctor’s degree in optometry. They usually work independently and are capable of meeting many needs in relation to the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems. They can diagnose eye diseases, injuries, problems with your vision, and any related structures. 

They are capable of providing you with non-surgical options, as well as provide pre-and-post-surgical care. They can also prescribe various medications when needed, provide therapy to improve vision, and give prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses. 

Get a Diagnosis

At the Optical Warehouse Outlet NY store, you can visit a local optometrist Ridgewood Queens and get an expert diagnosis of many eye conditions. The store has a high-tech lab in it that enables the doctors there to diagnose and treat many eye conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, dry eye, and more. If more serious and complicated problems are involved, we can refer you to our ophthalmologist. 

You can also get regular eye exams just to be sure that everything is as good as you hope them to be. This enables the optometrist to spot any developing problems early for faster treatment. 

Treatment for Eye Problems

The Optical Warehouse Outlet NY store is equipped to be able to treat many eye problems. Our doctors are trained to treat many problems of the eye, including therapeutic treatments. We can also prescribe medications as needed, and have our own pharmacy in the store. 

Get Updated Prescription Lenses

If you have had your glasses or contacts for some time, it is time to get an eye checkup to see if your eyes have changed. This is a natural process with aging, and it may also mean that you need a different prescription for your lenses to see correctly. Our opticians can provide you with a new prescription if needed. 

After you get a prescription, you can choose your frames from our wide selection. We carry many designer and luxury brands, with many names you are probably familiar with, including Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Jaguar, Jimmy Choo, Prada, and many more. 

Our opticians make our lenses in the store, enabling you to get your new glasses quickly. You can also choose from a variety of sunglasses, or get transition or polarized lenses with a prescription. We carry many options. 

About Optical Warehouse Outlet NY

Optical Warehouse Outlet NY provides you with all the eye care needs you might have. Not only do we provide a careful diagnosis of eye problems, but we can also treat them too – at our store. 

The Optical Warehouse Outlet NY store is ready to provide you with all your eye care needs through our local optometrist Ridgewood Queens. Our location will save you time and money by putting all you need in one place. Call our friendly staff today to make an appointment or drop by our store. 


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